Who knew how much good a simple coffee bean can do.

ATLANTA – May 2020 - Perk Artisan Coffee co-founders Michael Laschuk and Henry Baez, being coffee lovers themselves, always knew they would be involved in a coffee business. “The idea came to us in a backwards sense” Mr. Laschuk explained, “Henry and I have been friends for over twenty years. We’ve been involved in several businesses together and were talking about different ways to be more charitable. We both happened to be holding a cup of coffee when all of a sudden we looked down at our cups, then at each other and said ‘that’s it…coffee!’…and Perk Artisan Coffee was born.

Perk Artisan Coffee offers high-end luxury and gourmet coffee from beans grown in remote regions of the world where ideal tropical climate, altitude and rich fragrant soil produces coffee noted for its depth, complexity and extraordinary flavor. Upon receipt of each order, coffee beans are roasted to perfection and shipped same day ensuring freshness and quality.

Perk Artisan Coffee offers organizations and individuals the opportunity to earn money on coffee sales. With no cost to join and over 450 million cups of coffee consumed each day in the United States alone, there’s no limit as to how much can be earned. More information available at

Perk Artisan Coffee each month will donate a portion of all online coffee purchases to organizations who serve children, families and heroes in need” stated Mr. Baez, he continued “it’s great to see people smile when they drink our delicious coffee, but it’s even better when you can put smiles on the faces of those who need it most. Perk Artisan Coffee truly is coffee
with purpose.”