Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a cost to sign up as an Affiliate Partner?

A. There is no cost or any hidden fee to sign up.

Q. How does it work?

A. Once registered you will receive a replicate website (just like the one you’re on now) with a unique URL encoded so all coffee purchases made on your site will be credited to your organization. Example: Your organizations name is XYZ Team. Your URL would be Our affiliate software tracks all your sales so you’ll be able to log into your account and see your progress.

Q. How much money can an Affiliate Partner earn?

A. There is no limit how much an Affiliate Partner can earn. Organizations can use their current ways of communicating with members (word-of-mouth, printed bulletins, email or information on current websites with text a link) connecting visitors to their Perk Artisan Coffee affiliate website.

Q. How is commission calculated?

A. Commission is calculated based on calendar month sales volume. Sales volume is the total month’s dollar sum of coffee purchase orders. The commission dollar amount is calculated by multiplying the percentage rate times the total amount paid by the customer per order which includes coffee retail price, shipping and any applicable taxes.

Monthly Sales Volume – Affiliate Commission Rate:

Up to $2,999.99 (10%)
$3,000.00 - $5,999.99 (12%)
$6,000.00 and higher (15%)

Example: In one calendar month 100 coffee purchase orders were placed through your site. Each order for coffee, shipping and taxes totaled $35.00. Your Monthly Sales Volume would be $3,500.00 (100 x $35). Your commission rate would be 12% therefore commission earned would be $420.00 ($3,500 x 12%). All commission is paid on the 15th of the month based on previous month’s sales. Minimum monthly earned commission required to receive a payout is $25.00.

Q. Are Affiliate Partners considered employees of Perk Artisan Coffee?

A. No. Every Affiliate Partner (individual or organization) is considered an independent contractor and will be issued a 1099 statement each year for tax purposes. Every Affiliate Partner is 100% responsible for any state and federal
taxes owed.

Q. Are only the members of an organization allowed to purchase coffee from that organization’s affiliate website?

A. Coffee purchases are not limited to members. Anyone can place an order on any affiliate site. We encourage members of any organization to tell family and friends about their organizations site to help increase sales and commissions.

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