Affiliate Partner Program



Perk Artisan Coffee's Affiliate Partner Program is the perfect fundraiser for faith-based organizations,
schools, sports clubs, youth groups, non-profits of any kind and a great business for home-based

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world with more than 400 billion cups consumed each year. More than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed each day in the United States alone.

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How It Works

Is there a cost to sign up as an Affiliate Partner?

There is no cost or any hidden fee to sign up in Perk Artisan Coffee Affiliate Partner Program.

How are coffee sales tracked?

Direct Sales

Once registered you’ll be assigned an affiliate link with your unique URL code that will be a replicate website of the one you’re on right now. All coffee purchase orders placed through your site will be credited to you or your organization and are considered your Direct Sales. Our affiliate software tracks all your Direct Sales. You’ll be able to log into your account and see your progress.

How is earned commission calculated?

Direct Sales ($4.00 USD commission per 16 oz. bag of coffee)

Coffee purchase orders placed through your Affiliate Partner unique URL Perk Artisan Coffee site are your Direct Sales. Earned commission is calculated by multiplying $4.00 USD x the number of 16 oz. bags of coffee purchased in a single calendar month.

How much commission can an Affiliate Partner earn?

There is no limit how much an Affiliate Partner can earn. Perk Artisan Coffee makes no guarantee and does not imply using this strategy or technique will produce any level of expected earnings. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you and current market conditions. Whether you are successful is dependent upon factors including but not limited to your skills, financial resources, marketing knowledge and time you devote to building your business. No information on this website is to be interpreted as a promise of earnings.

Earned Commission Payout

Earned commissions are paid on the 15th of each month based on previous calendar month’s online coffee purchase orders. To receive Earned Commission Payout an Affiliate Partner must have a minimum of two (2) 16 oz. bags of Perk Artisan Coffee purchase transactions completed and verified of any variety placed through their Perk Artisan Coffee unique URL site equaling a minimum $8.00 USD Earned Commission Payout in a single calendar month. Purchase transactions resulting in chargebacks, refunds or canceled orders will not be applied to Earned Commission Payout.

If an organization becomes an Affiliate Partner are only the members of that organization allowed to purchase coffee from that organization’s affiliate website?

Online coffee purchase orders are not limited to just an organizations’ members. Anyone can place a purchase order on any affiliate site. We encourage members of any organization to tell family and friends about their organization’s affiliate site to help increase purchase orders and
earned commission.

Are Affiliate Partners considered employees of Perk Artisan Coffee?

No. Every Affiliate Partner (individual or organization) is considered an independent contractor and is 100% responsible for their own state and federal taxes. A 1099 statement will be issued to every registered Affiliate Partner at year end for tax reporting purposes.