Hazelnut Select • 16 oz.

Hazelnut Select • 16 oz.

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Once upon a time hazelnut met coffee and they’ve been together ever since!

Our Hazelnut Select coffee is a buttery hazelnut with a hint of creamy vanilla making it delicious right down to the last drop. This is gourmet coffee’s leading flavor. A rich, indulgent, sensuous treat to be enjoyed any time of the day. You won’t believe it only has one calorie!

1 lb. (16 oz) - Medium Roast

Also available in Decaf.

 Perk Artisan Coffee is roasted just hours before being shipped in vacuum-sealed bags to ensure freshness!

 Our decaf coffees are decaffeinated using Swiss Water Process. This is 100% chemical free producing the best tasting decaf coffee…bar none.