Colombian Estate • 16 oz.

Colombian Estate • 16 oz.

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What goes best with a cup of our Colombian Estate coffee? Another cup!

Our Colombian Estate coffee beans come from the “Coffee Triangle” which is a part of the Colombian Paisa region in the rural area of Colombia. Ideal geography (Andean Rainforest) and climate (8 °C to 24 °C) make it famous for growing and producing a majority of Colombian coffee, considered by many to be the best coffee in the world.

The specific Colombian Estate bean is classified “Supremo” meaning these beans are the largest (screen size 17/18) ensuring the highest quality and taste with notes of dried orange, berry and chocolate.

1 lb. (16 oz) - Medium Roast

Also available in Decaf.

 Perk Artisan Coffee is roasted just hours before being shipped in vacuum-sealed bags to ensure freshness!

  Our decaf coffees are decaffeinated using Swiss Water Process. This is 100% chemical free producing the best tasting decaf coffee…bar none.